The Three Healing Angels

According to Geoffrey Hodson, a very well known mystic and gnostic seer, the very first action of the Angels, when they are called for help, is to balance the different subtle bodies of the person, in order to cleanse them from all the negativities which are interfering. After that they begin their action in the material reality: the body itself and the environment in which the person lives. [Read his beautiful book "The Kingdom Of The Gods", T.P:H: 1952]

“To every man and woman in every walk of life in the lower worlds, the angels come. Bearing their perfume, the aroma of eternal ecstasy, they would waken in the hearts of every man a craving for that everlasting bliss; would give to men the knowledge that they have a heavenly home, would show them in the mirror of the mind the reflection of their heavenly self – the vision of their own immortality.”

To us the Angels say: “Discord and ugliness must vanish from the world; to remove it is our task and yours – but yours first.”

Yes it is our most important aim, and yet we are not alone, because the Angels are always here, with us, ready to help us when we call them!

The Healing Angels’ Visit

Some years ago I received the visit of the Three Healing Angels. At that time I didn’t know much about them, I just thought they were Devas, beautiful light creatures. Then I discovered they were Healing Angels.

When they visit us they helps us to get accustumed with the subtle dimension, where they belong to. As they are not matter, they vibrate at a different speed, therefore we usually can’t see them. Their visit assists us in opening up, inside, towards a wider subtle perception of the infinite kindness of the divine love.

During their visit we can connect with them, in a very positive inside effort, meant to stimulate, discover, accept and integrate a new vibrational state. It’s an important exercise which little by little leads our matter to accelerate its vibratory speed.

During their visit we can focus their help onto important questions of our life, which need to become more fluid and positive.

How, when, where?

The Healing Angels come for 5 days. If you want to receive them, get in contact with me. I receive their visit every year in March, therefore they will arrive to your place on the 17th of March, in the night, at 10.30 p.m.

For their visit you need to prepare a kind of an “altar” with:

  • a plant with white flowers (or a bouquet oif white flowers);
  • a big white candle that can burn uninterruptly for 5 days;
  • a red apple with underneath your welcoming letter;
  • a small candle.

Do consider that during their visit the candle will always be burning, therefore take the necessary precaution!

The Angels will grant you their help to solve three problems. Take your time to think of the three desires you express them. Remember: they will first work on the negativities in the subtle dimension, which block the positive evolution of the energy connected to your problems; then they will focus on the material dimension. The candle is the symbol of their action of burning, melting, down the “waste”, accumulated around your issues.

Write a welcoming letter on a white paper and put it into a white envelope. In the letter you will also express your desires.

Place the letter underneath the red apple.

When the time of their arrival approaches go to the room where you will be welcoming them and  light the small candle. You can remain there and meditate, or you can leave and come back some minutes before 10.30 p.m.

At the arrival time you open the door, or the window [depending from which way they come in], you welcome them and light the big candle. You can also imagine, visualise, to open your door/window, instead…

Now the Angels will be there, with you, in your home, for five days. Be with them, inside, but do live your every day life normally. In these days some “uneasy” reactions may occur [it doesn't always happen, but sometimes it does!]. When the energies are healed there can be a kind of a “healing crises”. Don’t panic, remain quiet, wait and trust them!

After 5 days, on the 22nd of March [in the case you received their visit on the 17th], at 10.30 p.m. the Healing Angels leave. If you found some other people who want to receive them, during the farewell time, tell them to whom they should go now. Otherwise send the Angels back to the Universe or send Them back to me [but ask me first and do that on time!].

Some time before 10.30 p.m., on the day they leave, go to the room where the big white candle is still burning, spend a little while with the Healing Angels, thanking them for their blessed visit, then see them to the door/window [or imagine it] and send them to your friends or back to me. Remember to send this page to the people who will receive the Angels, so that they have all the informations, and in case of necessity, can contact me if they need to send the Angels back to me.

The white candle can still burn down until is finished. You can eat the apple and put your letter with the three wishes into your journal.

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Nota Bene

Angels should be handled with a respectful behaviour. It is a real ritual that you are required to create. In the ritual there are certain steps to accomplish. This is also a way to show them your reverent attitude.

  • Remember: if you haven’t prepared the space and the welcoming coreography, you are not in a respectful attitude. Then do not expect to touch them, or to be touched by them, you are not vibrating on the right frequency to reach that subtle dimension.
  • Before they arrive make sure that you have someone you can send Them when they leave your place.
  • Some people were “informed” that you should send the Angels to at least three persone. You don’t need to have an exact number of people to send then to at the end of their visit.  If you have just one friend, or two, this is perfectly fine with them. If you have more people then three, this is fine too! Please don’t ask me about this “problem”. This is not a problem!
  • In the case that you want me to receive them, please first ask! specifying exactly the date on which they are supposed to arrive at my place and wait for my answer. Only if I agree and I write to you back with my ok, the Angels may be sent here. Do that on time, not on the very last minute! I won’t answer to messages that do not satisfy these points.
  • If you want to receive the three Healing Angels, write to me. I keep receiving them, therefore it may happen that I can send them to your place at any time of the year.
  • Please, take notice that this is not an “angels supermarket”! you can’t just write and ask to receive the Healing Angels on a specific date, as if you were “ordering” them! You may ask and enquire if someone has the Angels in that very moment and if they can send the Angels to you.  I won’t answer any further requests of this kind!
  • Please do not write to me via email, unless it is a very private matter. Just post your comment/question/sharing at the bottom of the article. [/stextbox]

The Three Days Visit

After having received the 5 days visit you may call for the Angels’ Help any time [actually everyone can call them, ask them for help and they always answer!]. Whenever a problem is worrying you and you don’t know what to do, or you just feel you need an extra help, then write down the question and the situation on a white paper and put it underneath a white candle, big enough to burn for three days. Then call them for their help.

They always arrive at 10.30 p.m. – unless you tell them to arrive at another time. Wait for them, as you did for the five days visit. When the Angels arrive, light the candle and leave your problem entirely to them. Never think of it during the three days. If you do, then you must add an extra day to the Angels. In other words they need 3 full days for their purification work, without  us interfering with our thoughts, worries, emotions…

On the evening of the third day, at 10.30 p.m. the Angels leave. Thank them with all your heart. You will see that the problem has changed: it is not a problem anymore or you realise that it was not that, the problem. In this case you will see now the new situation!

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499 thoughts on “The Three Healing Angels

  1. A friend would like to send the angels to me. I will be home to recieve them, however, i will be traveling and not home when they are to depart. Is it best that I wait until I am home for the full 5 days?

  2. Hi Carla,
    I have sent the Angels to a friend to arrive 10:30 pm Friday Oct 5th. She is at work this time of night. Being reverent to their honored rituals may she still receive them?
    In Gratitude of Your Service,

    • I think she should get in contact with them in her heart and tell them that she will be going to receive them reverently when she gets home at … (she tells them the hour)

      Angels are splendid figures, of course they understand when we approach them with the due attitude (actually, they are so great that they understand even when we are not in the proper energy approaching them!)

      love to you dear Susan!

  3. can you add a name after the 5 day visit has begun? i am interested in adding a name for the angels to visit next and i worry that i didn’t do it soon enough.

  4. amelie I am happy to ask one of my three friends to include you in her list. how is that? what is your name? where do you live (we are in NZ so there may be a time zone issue to work through). i will get back to you to confirm and time/date. thanks fleicap :)

      • staying at a hotel call staybridge suites in east stroudsburg pa 18301 561 independence rd. we has a
        home fire in july. we really angel with everything that we going thru.. thank you so much for sharing godbless you and your friends. i dont think time zone matter.

        • hi there, i haven’t forgotten; my angels have left and are with their 3 hosts – all of whom have their new hosts chosen. i am in touch with these new people though and will stay in touch here as i am sure we can get you included somewhere, some time, very soon! i have not given up on you!

    • im still waiting for an answer about the angels. i gave the information needed to receive the angels. hope to hear from you soon. thank you and god bless

      • unfortunately it seems that no one has the Angels’s visit now… I hope that someone will come out soon!
        carla f.c.

        • i will be having the angel visiting this wednesday. if anyone want me to share please let me know. God bless

          • it would be great to receive them! Carla F.C. in Milan, Italy
            let me know when they arrive
            thankyou dear Amelia!

  5. Hello there!
    I am looking for the angels. Please let me know if anyone needs someone to send the angels on to.

    Thank you!
    Glyndie Nickerson

    • Hello Glyndie,
      I just saw your post, I was intending to write a message to see if anyone would like a visit as I do not have anyone to send the angels onto after their visit with me. I saw your post and thought perhaps you are that exact person. I am in Brisbane, Australia, if you would like to receive them please let me know where you are located and I will send them to you, they will arrive to you on the 16th of November.
      Warmest Regards,
      Lauren Jackson

    • Dear Glyndie, If you receive the angels and would like to send them on, I’d love to have them visit. Thank you!

      Sincerely, Anna

  6. after i receive the angels, can i send them ( after the 5 days visit) to someone else in my home or do i have to send them to another place ?


  8. Hello,
    Im sorry I missed the angels from Lauren Jackson. I thought I left my email on my message but I hadn’t. If anyone has the angels, can I please be put on your list? My email address is I live on Chestnut Plain Road in Whately, Massachusetts. Thank you Lauren for your efforts in October! I will check back to this website and also you can email me if you wish.
    Warmth and best wishes to all,

  9. Hi,

    I would love to host angels especially as we get closer to Christmas. My email is I captured two rather beautiful angels over my home these last couple of months. I am also getting photos of fairies. Please feel free to friend me, subscribe or just look. I really would love the angels to come work with me. Peace, love and light <3 Anna

    Here is the site:!/annamaria.perry
    Here is a photo:!/photo.php?fbid=107715266060128&set=a.102861326545522.7536.100004649644388&type=3&theater

  10. Good morning, Anna!
    I have been hosting the Angels all week, tonight I send them off to my four friends, who are actively looking for people to receive the Angels on Christmas Eve.
    This Angel visit is set up to last one week, so you would be hosting from 12/24 to 12/31.
    Please let me know if you are interested… How thrilling to meet someone who already works so intimately with Spirits and Energies beyond the veil!
    As I mentioned in my FB message to you – I have written and am producing a feature film called THE ANGEL CHANNEL… Our website has lots of information, and some Angel encounters on video:
    Thank you,

  11. Hi,

    I am to receive the angels on 12/24 and they will stay until 12/29. I don’t have anyone to receive them. If you are interested, please let me know.

    • Dear Janet,
      It will be a honor for me to host for a second time The Healing Angels, specially in such a beautiful period of the year!!!
      Please, feel free to contact me, through my email
      or my Facebook Valeria Vera Costa

      Thank you in advance for this chance
      I feel sincerely grateful and blessed for this opportunity
      and I would like to share it with all my LOVE
      Thank you again
      Wish you all the Best for this Holly Merry Xmas

    • Hi Janet!
      I’m still looking forward to your reply
      I have received a beautiful white flower which I imagine can be very beautiful to receive the Angels… but, please, let me know by time!!
      Thanks and Merry Xmas

  12. Unfortunately I have no one to pass my angles on to as friends are all dispersing for Christmas. They arrive at my place at 10.30 this evening, hoping you can give them an address to forward on to after my visit, kind regards Jolie

  13. My sister will receive the angels from me. She has one concern. She cannot leave a candle burning for 5 days with her household. She has a few cats and her heat comes from a bathroom heater so she can’t isolate the candle from the cats. Does anyone have a solution? I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. Love and light, Anna Perry

  14. Hi Anna,
    I have heard others suggest an electric, battery powered “candle”. Also, there are candles here in the US that one can get in grocery stores, in the Mexican/South American section, there are often candles, white ones, that are inside a thick clear glass, that are safer to burn. They are used in many South American cultures when someone dies or for other rites of passage, and they burn for many days. I wonder if they have them in your country. Its a good question. Many people I imagine might feel uncomfortable with a candle burning unattended. Best of luck! Perhaps someone else has another solution…Warmly, Glyndie

  15. Dear Glyndie,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I will suggest the electric candles to her maybe with a votive when she is home. I understand the purpose of the candle is to burn away what is no longer needed. She truly wishes to honor the angels without endangering her pets or home. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. She will not receive the angels until January 5. By the way, I do not receive the replies from this site. My email is Thank you again Glyndie!! Peace, love and light! Anna Perry

  16. I would love to thank you and the angels for making this such a magical way to start the year, they sure are at work in my house, the Saturday was clearing all the lower vibrations in wich i had wished for. the past few days there has been strange goings on with the electric bulbs up my nans hose, with the light bulbs going and as soon as my granch had got one the light strangely came back on, i think they sure do have mischievious charector , we then came from there down to the shop seen my broth er who we are seeing more of already, and he was wearing the same clothes as my partner. the little coincidences and magic i love.i recomend this chance to anyone. in light and love … gemma lewis from wales x

    • Dear Sylvia,
      Have someone promised to send you the Angels? If you would like to receive them on 12 Jan 2013, please confirm so that I would send them to you. Please let me know on or before 10 Jan. Thanks !

  17. I would receive Angels 7 Jan and they will leave on 12 Jan. I would send them to you dear Sylvia. Would you please confirm. Thank you !

  18. Hello,

    I would love to receive the Angels.

    I am asleep at 10:30 PM. Does that still work?

    Thank you.

    Love and Blessings….

  19. Hi Carla:

    Greetings from San Diego and happy 2013.
    What happened with the Angels, are you still sending and receiving?


  20. hi to those reading this post.
    anybody interested in hosting Angels around the 3rd of March?
    Please let me know, so that I can inform you as to who will be passing them on to you.
    Have a nice week.

  21. My friend Annie is currently hosting the Angels. She wants to send them to me on February 9th when they leave her. That is the day after my birthday and I would love and need to have them visit.

    Thank you,

  22. I am to receive the angels tomorrow and can’t be here as I will be traveling. Is there anyone I can send them to? Thanks, Sharra

  23. My Angels will be leaving on Friday. The people I wanted to send them to will not be able to receive them. If anyone needs them please let me know, otherwise i will send them back to the universe for the next person that requests them. I am enjoying hosting them.

    • some friends are having the Angels who are leaving tonight (26th of march), therefore they could be at your place on sunday night, your time
      at easter

      is it ok? if yes please tell me where they should arrive!
      carla f.c.

      • Hi Karen,
        I have angels coming on Sunday, Mar 31, 2013. I’d be happy to add you to their next visit on April 10.

        Anyone else interested?

        Just need addresses.

    • Hi Rose,

      How many times per year can we have the Angels visit?

      After leaving us do they go straight to their next visit or do they wait five days?

      Thank you,

      • you can have the Angels the times you feel it necessary or that you simply would love to!

        about the 5 days
        look: they are Angels, they can immediately be wherever They want instantly!

        carla f.c.

          • it is better if you write here again reminding us that you would love to receive the Angels, so that we can see who has Them n can therefore send Them to you!

            :) carla

  24. Hi
    We would love to receive the angels. Our names are Donna and Elaine in Decatur, GA and Emerald in Atlanta, GA. Thank you for this magical website. Blessings, Donna

    • Hallo Donna, thankyou!

      I really hope that someone will be sending you both the Healing Angels

        • Hallo Donna, if you still want to receive the Angesl They could arrive at your place on the 1st of May in the evening
          is it ok for you?

          let me know!

  25. Yes, that is perfect. There are 3 of us as mentioned above. Bless you and all who read these words.


    • please can u send me the angel i would like to host the angel plzz i would b grateful to u rekha

  26. Hi,

    I have written to you to tell you that I would love to host the Angels. Thank you.

    The question again comes up: can the Angels meet their next hosts right away or do they need to wait five more days after leaving their last hosts?


    • let’s see if someone is having the Angels and can send Them to your place…

      about the time
      Angels are non material beings, therefore they journey at the thought speed
      they do not need time to reach a person
      but if someone feels more at ease giving Them the “time” for Their journey, then They will take that time to arrive!
      carla f.c.

  27. Hi Marianne,
    Please contact me at with you contact info and address where you like to receive the angels to keep it in my altar.

    The protocol is that angels will visit 5 days after they leave the previous place.

      CARLA F.C.

  28. hi can i i invite angel to my home now as i have not got any invitation so can u please help me to get angel to my home as i am frm india so can u please tell me at wat tym i should receive the angel

  29. I am going to receive my visiting angels next Monday the 28th. They are being sent from Colombia to USA at 10:30 pm. so, does it mean that I am receiving them at 8;30 pm since they are 2 hours ahead?. How will this work when the time clock moves 1 hour behind next weekend? How is this working when you send them to a person that is in a different time zone?… I think the power of everybody getting connected in meditation and pray at the exactly the same time is part of the wonder of this chain… so how will that work?


    • hallo Adriana, do not worry about these earthly questions, the Angels arrive always at your time!
      ie at the time of the person receiving them!
      carla f.c.

  30. I wake in the middle of the night to go to work (3:00am), and am never up at 10:30. Is there a way to request the angels arrive earlier? If so, how? A kind and thoughtful friend is passing them to me after they leave her home.Thank you.

    • sorry for being sooo late in replying! of course you can talk to the Angels, and tell them at what time they should arrive
      Angels are divine creatures, they understand all our real needs! :)
      Carla f.c.

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